After gaining a B.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Leeds, I spent six months travelling around New Zealand and the Pacific. This gave me the opportunity to experience different forms of agriculture and work on organic farms.

My first job was with the well known turkey producer Bernard Matthews, assisting in the management to their research facility and setting up commercial trials. It was here, whilst investigating alternatives to antibiotic growth promotors, that I became interested natural health solutions. Since then I have worked for companies offering natural products to improve the performance and health of animals and people.2006_0423Spring0031

Whilst at Park Tonks, Cambridge I continued to researching novel applications for natural ingredients, developing supplements for specific health conditions. Working across livestock and companion animal species, I managed a number of key accounts. I was also responsible for designing and implementing the QA system – compliant with FEMAS.

As Technical Manager at Probiotics International, Somerset, I offered technical and marketing support for customers. I was also involved in product development including; assessing profit margins, setting sales targets and project management. Communication with customers was key and I produced a series of technical notes as well as articles for external publication. Here I also gained experience in the application of natural products for human health and worked on their well known range of probiotic formulations.

My most recent role was with Alltech, Most recently, where I was part of the European Solutions Deployment Team. Responsibilities included providing technical support to both customers and the salesforce; as well as managing a range of university and field trials. From this research I then produced; reports, abstracts, papers and scientific posters. The information then being used in product literature, magazine articles and online content; for promotional purposes. Internally, I was involved in producing training materials for sales staff and giving training sessions.3 chickens

I have presented at numerous conferences, throughout my career and enjoy the discussions which arise from scientific communication. In all my recent roles presenting has played a large part; both at external meetings, company seminars, to customers, distributors and sales forces. Whilst with Alltech I spoke on the European lecture tour and chaired sessions at the annual symposium. I also organised the annual seminar on poultry nutrition and other workshops around Europe.